As a digital software product services company, Indecomm provides services to our clients across the entire Product Lifecycle (PDLC). Our core offering is to build high performing product engineering and technology teams for software and hi-tech companies. We are an established leader in providing full lifecycle Digital and Emerging Technology specialists. Indecomm has built IP in various products and platforms such as :

  • AutomationNG and ManageNG (Test Automation Tools)
  • Yellow Platter Learning Suite (Learning Management System)
  • RapideL (Content Generation tool)
  • Dynamic Doc HubTM (Document Management)
  • Kaizen®, IncomeGeniusTM, Agility (Process Management products)

Indecomm is an expert in Distributed Agile delivery which is driven by its industry leading, proven model - Extended Delivery Center - Solution Delivery FrameworkTM (EDC-SD).

Indecomm has deep expertise in SaaS / Cloud products - both net new and re-engineered, including those that are hybrid. Indecomm has been responsible for development of both net-new SaaS products, re-engineering existing products as they are getting upgraded and also those that are getting deployed in a hybrid environment.

AutomationNG and ManageNG (Test Automation Tools)

AutomationNG is the test automation framework we developed in our testing labs. AutomationNG takes test automation to the next level, with many new and unique features, including significant increase in the speed of the test automation cycle. Indecomm has extensive experience in building creative solutions to meet our client's automation needs.

We define the strategy, create the design, automate tests, and maintain tests for over 50 product lines. Our experience covers a wide range of commercially available tools, open-source platforms, and custom-built solutions. We have automated tests for client-server applications, web-based applications, graphics intensive solutions, web services/APIs, and embedded applications. AutomationNG is a Java-based test automation framework that incorporates Fitnesse and Selenium as the testing tools.

Yellow Platter Learning Suite

The Yellow Platter Learning Suite (YPLS) is Indecomm’s integrated learning platform that caters to an organization’s complete range of learning needs at a single location. It is the culmination of numerous learning products developed in-house and enhanced over the years. It can be bought as a complete package.

RapideL (Content Generation tool)

RapideL provides Instructional Designers (IDs), Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and Visual Designers (VDs) an authoring environment which allows them to convert their Microsoft Word storyboard into instructionally sound Flash courses at the click of a button, thus successfully addressing the common pain points by reducing courses’ time-to-market  by over 45%, reducing review cycles by the SME by 30%, and reducing development costs by a substantial 40-60%.

Dynamic Doc HubTM (Document Management)

Dynamic Doc HubTM is document management, image handling, and audit management technology platform that is specifically tailored for the mortgage industry. Dynamic Doc HubTM has a web-based front end, which gives our clients real-time visibility to the status of each document and the ability to access the exceptions and clear them instantly. Dynamic Docs is designed to support high transaction volumes in a near real-time environment with quick turnaround time requirements.

Kaizen® (Process Management product)

Kaizen® is the key to controlling mortgage lending risks and meeting loan quality requirements, whether client or regulatory driven. Kaizen® provides a holistic view of risk in multiple production channels. It audits and tracks loans, producing flexible reports on pre-closing/funding, post-closing/pre-delivery, collateral review, due diligence, and regulatory compliance.

IncomeGenius® (Process Management product)

IncomeGenius® is Indecomm's technology solution for income documentation and calculation. IncomeGenius® was created by underwriters for underwriters, but it also enables those not necessarily trained as an underwriter to have the same thought process and mentality.

Agility (Process Management product)

Indecomm R&D lab's tool manages everything, including planning, releases, sprints/iterations, scrums, and overall progress. Agile development enables rapid development and progress via a heavy emphasis on teamwork. To ease the time management issues that occasionally arise, Indecomm has created a digital tool that facilitates Agile project management and execution. Agility is based on the WAMP stack (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Drupal is used as the PHP framework, to allow flexible and robust application.