In an all-time connected live business market, it is critical to be conscious of the experience that users—customers, employees and business partners, go through. With websites and web applications as the face of any company, a good digital design is only a preliminary requirement. What’s more important is the interaction that finally enables users to respond in a fast-paced dynamic environment, prioritizes and highlights information for users, builds the brand and gives it the required visibility.

With a positive experience, you can :

  • Have satisfied customers, employees and/or business partners.
  • Reduce costs of customer support.
  • Increase revenues due to improved retention and conversion rates.

While the visual design is the outermost layer that users encounter, the business objective and the users’ needs should be at the heart of any digital design. An abstract experience will only confuse the user and might not be fruitful at all. User experience is about providing a simpler, faster and smarter interface for users.

A properly planned digital design, coupled with a seamless navigation to cater to the users’ needs is the key.


The newest trend in UI and digital UX design is simple - create a web experience that is engaging , appealing, better than before and yes, make it simple for users.

The idea is to think beyond the usual and offer a great experience with only relevant and meaningful content. An intuitive design that allows users to quickly choose what they want to see or dive into, is another new trend in deciding the layout.

Personalizing the experience by customizing information based on users’ preferences, analytics and history of past behavior is what takes the user interaction to the next level. Users should feel that this is the application or the website for them, in the first few seconds of accessing it. Incorporating a real-world context for users who interact with digital applications at any time, from any location and from any device of their choice is of utmost importance today.


Indecomm Global Services has expertise in designing new products (web, mobile, and desktop applications) and building UX for prototypes under development. With our digital design services, you can enhance your products in the following ways:

  • Make a user’s interactions with your products more meaningful.
  • Leverage features such that customers perceive value from using the product.
  • Combine the best rationale of designers, developers, and content to create a cohesive product design.
  • Test the products so that they are efficient and provide customers with an enhanced experience.

Our capabilities include :

Experience Digital Design Consulting : Analyze and device strategy to enhance the user experience of current digital platforms, applications and products.

Production and implementation of GUI : Transform low fidelity wireframes into visually rich and appealing digitally engineered interfaces.

Turn-key design of products/systems/apps : Create excellent user experiences to ensure easy adoption of new platforms, tools, or apps.

Redesign existing products/systems/apps : Redesign existing applications on the basis of usability principles and latest trends in digital experience design.

At Indecomm, we design a unique experience for your users after analyzing business and user needs and defining the requirement. We then validate the design by testing it thoroughly. The design is then developed to create the final product which is again tested to ensure correct functioning, as well as device and browser compatibility. With a systematic and well-planned design and development process, we ensure that you only launch what’s best for your users, and your business!