The invention of mobile devices has changed the way we live, especially with the advent of smart phones and tablets. The penetration of mobile internet has motivated enterprises to offer a growing variety of mobile solutions. The popularity of cloud-based and social media tools, combined with mobility, is engaging clients and employees alike, as well as increasing the reach and risk of IT. Indecomm's Mobile R&D lab provides deep expertise for a variety of enterprise-wide mobile technologies and platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, J2ME, and more.

Another big area of focus for us, is offering insightful big data solutions to businesses. As the amount of data generated increases at geometric rates, businesses need more intelligent ways to understand and utilize data. At Indecomm, we help our clients achieve their Big Data solution goals by leveraging our expertise in Big Data (MongoDB etc.), near Real Time search (Elasticsearch, etc.). Our DW/BI practice provides clients and enterprise product companies with best-in- class services that collect, organize, and analyze enterprise data residing in disparate systems which, in turn, generate the insights necessary to make strategic decisions that drive the business.