Machine learning, evolved from computational learning theory in artificial intelligence, deals with the development and application of adaptive algorithms that use sample data or past experience to solve a given problem. It's a technical discipline that allows to compute learning from data without being explicitly programmed. Algorithms are categorized into supervised and unsupervised learning. A supervised learning algorithm analyzes the training data and produces an inferred function, which can be used for mapping new examples. An Unsupervised learning algorithm is used to draw inferences from datasets consisting of unlabeled input data.

With its roots in mathematics, the learning algorithms are making most of the giant websites run more efficiently, and help enterprises be more productive. Today it touches many segments of the industry such as data security, face recognition, speech recognition, recommendation, etc. Machine learning is being implemented in almost all the areas of life, in the most innovative ways.


The numerous applications that Machine Learning assists includes : - search engines, cross sell and upsell recommendations in ecommerce, self-driven cars, image recognition, speech recognition, online security, fraud detection, filtering tools, and robotics. In future these smart apps, smart devices, websites, cloud, etc., will be adding machine learning capabilities to help them gain insights from the tremendous data that they have, which will change the way they operate in its own innovative ways.

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At Indecomm, we have a certified pool of machine learning professionals, who can assist you with digital solutions to your machine learning requirements right from scratch, or can even integrate with your existing team. With our expertise in Mobile and Cloud, we can help you advance by providing a solution that's efficient, economical, scalable, and available on any device.