If you’ve thought it, we’ve got it. Our digital engineering and engagement services comprise a varied range of solutions that can energize your online presence. Be it communicating a new message, collaborating across platforms, optimizing performance of your existing assets, or differentiating yourself from your competitors, we have a solution for your every need. You can engage us by leveraging our standalone offerings, using our design or development capabilities or augmenting your team with some of our experts.

Our areas of expertise include Multifold Experience Design, Digital Production and Support, User Experience Design and Digital Learning Technology Platforms for the learning space. Here's more....

Multifold Experience Design Digital Production and Support User Experience Design
Whether your digital channels focus on internal or external customers or partners, our design and development solutions can help you communicate more effectively with your audience. If you’re looking to outsource your web maintenance and support activities for increased operational efficiencies, improved productivity and lower costs, look no further! Our experienced team of UI/UX consultants, HFI certified information architects and usability experts recognize the critical role of UX/UI in the success of an application. Combined with our repository of best practices and processes, we can provide your users with an unforgettable experience!
Our services include:

  • Portal design
  • Multiple stakeholder portal projects
  • Accessibility and compliance
Our services include:

  • Production support for creative assets (images and interactive banners)
  • Digital asset management support (with content updates)
  • Reusable digital assets
Our services include:

  • Standalone design and development
  • Providing resources to augment your existing design pool


This Quick Start guide uses accurate component drawings,a concise description of key features, and simple instructions to present the content in a structured format.

This flyer is another example of our print offering. It uses colourful high- resolution graphics and short paragraphs, to generate the customer’s interest.
The foldable design accommodates nuggets of critical information while still making it easy to carry around.


Use our e-mail designs to engage with your employees, partners, customers and prospective customers.

These e-mailer designs incorporate the customer’s key message in a visually appealing layout to generate a persuasive Call-to- Action.

Online Ads and Banners

Ads and banners placed on targeted sites or alongside relevant content increases the chances of the ads being noticed while ensuring that it is delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising media.

This sample displays clear copy about the type of product and its benefits to the customers, near the company’s logo.


These website portals employ UX/UI design to collate and present information.

The simplicity of the graphics and the linear categorization of information enables users to find what they are looking for in just one scan.


The personable nature of video content is a great tool to generate more views, make users stay longer on a site, retain more information, and to optimize search engine results.

These video samples use a relatable mentor and a first-person- account- treatment style, combined with illustrative charts, images and text to engage the users.


Infomercials are a great tool to generate interest while educating the customer about a new product or service.

This photo-based infomercial uses interaction between characters, simple animations, and minimal text to communicate the use of a company’s service.


For those customers who have gone mobile, we have a number of samples to choose from.
These samples depict:

  • Interactive PDFs that convert traditional, linear content into layered, meaningful, digitally engineered information
  • iBooks that enable easy updates to educational and entertainment content at a cost advantage
  • Mobile Apps that create a direct marketing channel with the customer while building brand recognition and loyalty
  • Digitized Mobile Guides that facilitate easy reference while on the job because of their portability and convenient search functionality

Simulated Environments

Connect with your remote employees, partners and customers by providing them with a digital experience they will never forget!
Using true-to- life immersive environments, you can provide tours of your facilities, create product and experiential marketing demos or teach a new system or application.
These samples depict:

  • Virtual Walkthroughs that simulate a company’s office environment
  • 3D Modelling that provides a precise 360 degree view of a product, remotely

How we do it

We’re agile. We combine our design, development and creative capabilities with the Agile methodology. By deploying the Agile methodology, we are able to respond to unpredictability while developing the product.

Our development cycle focuses on :

  • Individuals and interactions Vs. Processes and tools
  • Working software Vs. Documentation
  • Customer collaboration Vs. Contract negotiation
  • Responding to change Vs. Following a plan

Here’s more…

‘Productization’ Philosophy
In keeping with the paradigm shift of planning, executing, delivering, and supporting projects akin to products, we’re ahead of the curve.
We follow 8 rules when it comes to our ‘productization’ philosophy :

  • Requirement analysis : Focuses on ‘innovation-centric’ VS ‘user-centric’.
  • Product trials and engineering : That are rapid and continuous.
  • Product teams : That are lean, effective and co-located.
  • Product management and digital engineering : Integrates seamlessly.
  • Feature prioritization : Realizes real ROI (Value, Customers or Monetization)
  • Configurable, data-and rules-driven architectures : Leverages APIs.
  • Consumer-facing application development : Focuses on rich UI, and cross- platform support.
  • Formal testing processes :Relies on automation, Agile and test/behavioral/functional driven development.

Digital Transformation Process
To provide solutions that are transformative, we rely on the process of rapid and continuous innovation. And to do this, we employ the tools from the Agile suite to maximize our performance, reduce delays and iterations in every function of the organization.

When developing product ideas, our Portfolio Managers and Enterprise Architects, use Agile tools to analyze, metricize, budget and estimate the product’s feasibility.
In our Innovation Lab, using the process of prototyping, value creation and monetization, we transform our ideas into multifunctional, robust, digitally engineered product offerings for our customers.
When a product has been given the ‘go-ahead’, it enters our process of continuous engineering. Agile tools collate product feedback from users, aggregate and analyze data to provide continuous improvements to our products.

Why partner with us
We merge seamlessly, we flow purposefully. We follow a Strategic Engagement Model that is designed to meet our customer’s technical and business growth objectives.
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