Indecomm’s Unique, Differentiated, Proven and Digital Software Product Focused Engineering Service Delivery Model – Extended Delivery Center – Solution Delivery Framework (EDC-SD™)

Not all technology services companies are created equal. Traditional technology services companies have built their business, servicing the technology needs of enterprise Information Technology (IT) / Information Systems (IS) departments of companies. This model is geared to meeting the needs of IT cost centers – rigid process driven approach geared towards cost reduction. Indecomm is fundamentally different. We focus only on software product companies. This difference starts from our genesis.

Indecomm’s genesis has been in the area of software product development. Indecomm is built from the ground up and setup to work exclusively with software product companies in shipping amazing products that meet customer expectations and create an amazing customer experience (CX). We are a company that is focused on the revenue generating side of the business and not the cost center side of the house (like most of the technology services vendors). It is precisely this reason that has drawn our Silicon Valley based investors, our clients and our key assets – our engineers – to be part of the Indecomm organization.

At the heart of Indecomm’s success is the software product engineering service delivery model. Indecomm has developed and refined its product service engineering service over the last 14 + years. This industry leading and proven service delivery model is the Extended Delivery Center – Solution Delivery Framework™ (EDC-SD™) and has been instrumental in the success of our digital product engineering services.

The following diagram provides an overview of the key features of the EDC-SD™

Indecomm's proprietary Extended Development Center/Solutions Delivery Framework helps build a distributed delivery capacity with a variety of features and benefits :

  • Implemented through 'co-development' and 'virtual teams', in contrast to the traditional "black box" model of outsourcing
  • Provides a range of services (New Dev, Sustenance, QA, Support, PS, etc.)
  • Employs a strong operational framework and mature governance model
  • Fosters true partnership and joint ownership through mutual investment
  • Offers a well-defined process and a collection of guidelines, checklists, tools, templates, etc
  • Leverages structured and repeatable processes right from the start

Indecomm’s EDC is built upon the principles of :

  • Talent creation and retention
  • Brand development
  • 100% transparency and control
  • Complete integration of teams
  • Customized delivery/execution methodology
  • Deep focus on IP protection

The following section elaborates on the key tenets.

Co-development . The reason this high-throughput, agile and scalable team model remains successful is the philosophy that is at the core of Indecomm’s DNA: co-development. This is in sharp contrast to how traditional legacy IT services companies who view engagements as an outsourcing opportunity. Instead, Indecomm works to create a transparent and accountable extension of the client EDC team that is driven by the internal and external commitments. With a strong process driven framework, focus on continuous improvement and cross-pollination of best-of- breed ideas from other client EDCs, the client EDC team strives to improve the software product, customer experience and process.

Rich experience, repository – Institutional Knowledge .Indecomm’s deep experience and expertise has created a ready and rich repository of guidelines, check-lists and templates that are digitally aided and supported. Coupled with the various Centers of Excellence – Architectural, Technology, Relevant Domain Competencies and Process – it allows the client to benefit from a first-time- successful rate as they embrace working with an external technology partner.

IP and Security . Working with software product companies means having strong processes in place and an appreciation of Intellectual Property Protection, while managing security accordingly. Aided by the Silicon Valley law firm of Wilson and Sonsini, Indecomm continues to ensure that we have the legal and process structure to meet our clients’ expectations around IPR and security, and that we conform to various standards and certifications: ISO 27001:2005, SAS 70, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA and GLBA.

Future Driven . The EDC-SD allows Indecomm to be a partner to our clients who are building net-new products and experiences, while creating new market opportunities. To be a successful partner, our clients require us to be future-driven. To be able to have a strong digital engineering and expert engagement base that gives both parties the confidence to venture and create products and markets that have not be created before. Case in point is working with a large ERP company as they created a SaaS offering that needs to have a hybrid option to allow their current customer base a path to upgrade and gain new functionality and not alienate the current install based on clients. Working with a big data company in testing their Analytics Platform that cranks through billions of records in a few seconds. All engineering activities have been taken on successfully as Indecomm remains committed to continue to strengthen our collective engineering foundation and build digital products that are future driven.

Agile before Agile . Technology enables the adoption of processes and best practices. Even before Jira became popular among the engineering community, Indecomm had been committed to agile. We have developed our own home grown tool – Agility. This is a testament to our commitment to Agile and creating a transparent and accountable extension to our clients’ engineering organization.

Picture: Committed to Agile from the beginning. Screenshots of Indecomm’s home-grown agile tool – Agility – “our own Jira”.

Of course, we have now embraced the technologies and tools that are available in creating a world-class engineering organization, including Jira. With Jira and other physical boards, we are committed to the benefits of shipping products and getting them in front of the customers and out into the market.