Indecomm’s comprehensive portfolio of digital cloud services and solutions help organizations leverage an ever increasing range of solutions delivered via the cloud. Indecomm’s digital Cloud strategy revolves around helping clients drive business agility by leveraging models available through the use of cloud technologies. Indecomm helps clients leverage cloud technologies across varied complexities- from optimizing existing IT systems to increasing efficiency of operation, and to driving business innovation and growth through agile systems.

  • Deep understanding of challenges and benefits of SaaS products; Solid exposure to SaaS best practices - multi-tenancy models, cloud computing, data protection, privacy, integration patterns, data analytics, etc.
  • Evolutionary development and delivery: Creating working incremental software as compared to a comprehensive product
  • Exposure to unique aspects of the SDLC for SaaS firms : release engineering, security design and planning, up-time management, deployment management, auditing management, etc
  • Experience with SaaS enablement of large products.
  • Experience with commercial (SalesForce, Chrome) and custom PaaS (Incendo)
  • Built numerous apps on such Platforms
  • Significant experience with Cloud Enablement (AWS, Azure, etc.) for numerous customers (Development, Test, and Production Environments)
  • Evaluated number of Cloud Managers (Cloudkick, Scalr and RightScale); Built an open source Cloud Manager in tandem with NYT (Nimbul); Built a Cloud deployment tool (Cloudsource) based on Servermattic scripts
  • Experience with other technologies in the Cloud stack – NGiNX (Load Balancing and Proxying), Nagios and Munin (Network monitoring), Emissary (Messaging), Monit (Process monitoring & communication), etc.

Desktop to SAAS Digital Business Transformation


  • Addressing the challenges during the digitally engineered SaaS transformation process.
  • Have necessary support systems and qualified staff to guide customers, partners, and vendors through the digital migration process.
  • Defining the support process, service design, automation and optimization, setting up SLAs and OLAs for the digital engineering engagement (Service level and Operational level agreements).


  • Understanding the goals, objectives, and business requirements of users and buyers.
  • Security for hosting the digital business-critical and sensitive data on cloud.
  • Solution enables multi-tenancy, reliability, availability, onboarding ease.
  • Configurability and scalability to manage huge user base.
  • Service management for provisioning, usage metering and billing.
  • Third party services integration for comprehensive solution.


  • Continuallyous rollout of digital enhancements and improvements to drive growth and customer retention and help customers achieve reduced development and delivery costs.
  • Wide experience with multiple successful digital SaaS migrations, expertise developing the next generation, intuitive user interfaces critical to SaaS success, and the use of Agile and DevOps techniques to quickly meet the needs of rapidly changing products.


  • Conceptualized the digital product design from client’s vision statement.
  • Participated in Due Diligence to understand and prescribe the right strategy and plan for transition and support.
  • Business & Architecture Consultancy for applications beyond the scope of support.
  • Developed a multi-tenant web based SaaS product using Open technologies.
  • Iterative Development/Agile Model – Product Definition, Technology selection, Design, Development, Testing, Performance Tuning, Security Assessment.
  • Migration of an existing application.
  • Compliance with healthcare industry standards and best practices.
  • Advanced features such as customizable forms developed for providers.

Security Considerations

The following key security elements are carefully considered as an integral part of platform development and deployment process:

  • SaaS deployment model
  • Data security
  • Network security
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data segregation
  • Availability
  • Backup

Indecomm Cloud Migration Strategy

Indecomm’s Cloud Steps transformation strategy follows a structured process covering four broad phases through the cloud enablement journey-

  • Assess and Plan
  • Set Up
  • Migrate
  • Manage