Data has always been there, everywhere and in many formats. But to make sense of it was a challenge that companies and organizations have lived with for many years now.

Not anymore! We now have Big Data tools and Technologies to the rescue.

Big Data Analytics is paving the way for organizations the world over to change and improve the way they are making business decisions. It's the digital advantage that companies the world over are wielding to compete and win against their peers.

With Big Data technologies, it is now possible to munch through large amounts (Exabytes, anyone?) of data in a cost-effective manner using commodity hardware. That is helping companies drive a new value proposition as they look at data through a new lens, find new insights and new interpretations and make more informed decisions for the future. Analyses which were previously possible only in retrospection and with large investments on IT and infrastructure, are today possible in near real-time and on 'current' data, adding considerable power to corrective and predictive strategizing.

And, in today's fast paced economy, it has become imperative that forward-thinking leaders across sectors begin aggressively building their organisations’ Big Data capabilities, to stay competitive.


It's the technology suite that's enabling information flows - where digital data about products and services, buyers and suppliers, consumer preferences and intent are being captured and analyzed. Every sector is making huge investments in building its Big Data capabilities given the unending use cases, and the advantages of this investment will bear fruits in the near future.

In Healthcare, data pioneers are analyzing the health outcomes of pharmaceuticals when they were widely prescribed, and discovering benefits and risks that were not evident during necessarily more limited clinical trials.

In the Finance and Insurance sector, Big Data technologies are being used to process billions of billing and claim records, so that investigators can analyze individual records by performing intuitive searches. Predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities are enabling fraud detection to provide automatic red flag alerts as soon as it recognizes a pattern that matches a previously known fraud scheme.

In the Advertising and Media sector, recommendation engines are being built that are heavily using Big Data technologies in Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis. And this is enabling them to provide more and more relevant and personalized digital content to the end user.

The list is long and these are only a few examples of industries using Big Data to gain that competitive advantage in the field; and the companies that will best apply these technologies will be the ones to have their noses ahead.

And businesses that can benefit from Big Data are only limited by their imagination, and with every passing day, this imagination is only getting predictably bigger! To put it plainly, we are today at the cusp of, well, something really BIG!


At Indecomm, we have expertise in digital tools and technologies across the Big Data technology stack and extensive experience working with the latest tools, setting up related infrastructure, providing related services and implementing industry best practices.

With it, we have helped our clients implement their Big Data strategies and break new ground in Big Data Technologies.

A quick view of the technology stack we have experts in is given below -

And services offered are -

Big Data Applications - Development Services:

  • Development of Big Data Database Drivers (ODBC, JDBC, .NET & ODI).
  • Development of ETL Tools for Big Data Databases.
  • Development of Big Data Applications using Scala, Java, Python etc. for running custom analysis and creating digitally customized reports, data mining and data modelling.
  • Development of tools to manage custom installations of Big Data Applications and Services across platforms.

Big Data Applications – Certification and Validation Services:

  • Certification of Big Data Database Drivers for compatibility across industry leading BI and DW applications.
  • Big Data Applications Digital Validation.
  • Platform validation for Partner products like Microstrategy, IBM Cognos, Cloudera, Hortonworks.

Industry - standard Performance Benchmarking

  • Performance validation against industry standards and benchmarks like TPCH, for transactional speed and accuracy, and for Memory, Network and CPU Usage among others.

Big Data Applications – Deployment Management Services:

  • Developing digital frameworks for custom and automated deployment of Big Data Applications on Public or Private Cloud Infrastructures like AWS, Rackspace and Azure.

Big Data DevOps Services:

  • Datacentre and IT infrastructure management services – including managing server infrastructure, network infrastructure and firewall configurations.
  • Investigating and resolving issues faced with the infrastructure under testing, development and production profiles.

Big Data Product / Service Information Development Services:

  • Developing digital tools and establishing processes to produce static and dynamic content, with mechanisms to disseminate across mediums and forms.
  • Developing frameworks to deliver information in industry leading standards of interactive and dynamic content delivery.
  • Producing high-quality digital documentation of products and services, adhering to industry standards and templates (eg. DITA) and using information mapping principles.