Agile development enables rapid development and progress via a heavy emphasis on teamwork. To ease the time management issues that occasionally arise, Indecomm has created a tool that facilitates Agile project management and execution.
Indecomm R&D lab's tool – Agility - manages everything, including planning, releases, sprints/iterations, scrums, and overall progress.


  • Privilege-based access.
  • Simultaneously manage multiple projects.
  • Create account, project, release, iteration/spring, scrum, and user stories.
  • Estimate user stories and tasks.
  • Discussion forum for inter-team communication and troubleshooting.
  • Timesheet management.
  • Track projects and Iterations through reports and burn-down charts.
  • Overall progress indication of project/iteration.
  • Daily meeting notes and calendar view of daily meeting with search option.
  • Easy update of actual effort by the team.
  • Import and export feature.
  • Charts and graphs.

Digital Engineering and Engagement

Agility is based on the WAMP stack (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Drupal is used as the PHP framework, to allow flexible and robust application.