Indecomm Global Services is a leading provider of Digital Engineering & Engagement and Platform-based Mortgage services. We provide Next-Generation software engineering solutions for Mobility, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Services, Machine Learning, UI/UX, Internet of Things (IoT), Embedded, and Test Automation. We have successfully developed and delivered over 1,000 software products that have transformed Digital Enterprises.

Indecomm Global Services has strong expertise in integrating Infrastructure and Code into a Continuous Delivery Pipeline for Fin Tech, Health Tech, Education & Publishing, Digital Payments, Travel, Real Estate, Supply Chain and Logistics & Emerging Tech sector. Indecomm provides Innovation labs that take Ideas to Prototype, Version 1 and Continuous Engineering, with a focus on Fail quick, Rapid Innovation, Lean teams and Processes. Indecomm has become an expert at Legacy transformation to modern practices such as DevOps. Our Innovation labs assist in rapid R&D around niche areas such as Blockchain, Biometric, Threat Intelligence, etc.

Our in-house experts help marquee technology companies to use proven strategies empowered by a comprehensive set of assets, diagnostic frameworks, best practices, and development guidelines to gain time-to-market advantage and achieve immediate ROI. One such example is AutomationNG, an advanced test automation suite that significantly reduces the effort, time and cost required in building and maintaining test scripts.
Indecomm Global Services Digital Engineering and Engagement division specializes in:
  • Data Governance: Manages the availability, usability, and integrity of enterprise data in Big Data Analytics and IoT. Our technologists help to build a framework for defining, planning, and executing a set of procedures that deal with noncompliance, ambiguities, and issues.
  • Digital Transformation: Focuses to elevate business activities, competencies, and processes across various verticals. We provide a structured approach for adopting digital technology and optimizing the business transformation to create value with a clear roadmap and a joint vision.
  • Disruptive Technology: Focuses on establishing groundbreaking ideas that resolves innovator’s dilemma and refines practical application and performance across leading tech firms. Our expertise helps to capitalize the potential efficiencies, increase economic benefits, and utilize new market opportunities.

The Indecomm Global Services Financial Services division helps automate the lending process, offering technology, and consulting services for specific requirements. Indecomm is one of the fastest growing Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) technology providers for the US mortgage industry.

Indecomm’s Digital Learning division provides licensed products and services such as learning technology consulting, digital content, gamification, 3D and digital studios.

Indecomm Global Services was founded in 2003 and is consistently ranked among the Global Top 100 IT and ITeS providers with over 3,800 associates in 21 locations. Indecomm Global Services provides solutions from Extended Delivery Centers and R&D Labs in the United States, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, UK & Hong Kong. We have active business engagements with over 200 global customers.